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sending caller to voicemail from the IVR


[QUOTE=totheduke2000;14211 What I can not figure out is how to send the call directly to voicemail from the IVR.[/QUOTE]

Hi there,

I have setup the same kind of route for one of my clients, to send the IVR to the voicemail you can use the incoming call rules from the extension you use to receives call.

From the IVR send the call to the extension you want the voicemail to answer.

Then setup the incoming rule on your targetted extension. Here is what I have setup in my incoming call rules :

VOICEMAIL number MATCHES number .0027*5000 (and then select what you need)

In my case 0027*5000 is the IVR number that answers the caller when there is no answer. The "." is for anything coming before 0027*5000.
With this setup, the client receives the email for new message without having the line ringing again and voicemail notification is ON on the phone device.

Let me know if it is fine for the use you needed.